Tuesday, 22 February 2011

To Hell with Dell

Sadness and loss have tanished my happy little world recently.

I had began modelling my sea village and in terms of the modelling stage it was coming swimmingly so to speak!
I'd modelled the central temple like building around an ancient archway pertuding through the water and gone quite indepth with the internal appearance as well as laid out all the other buildings in the village along with a boardwalk linking them all.
So everything was coming along nicely.

Then I went to turn on my PC, and nothing.
Eventually turned out my motherboard was dead, and I hadn't backed up any of my project at all!
So now all I have of it is the images I saved to photobucket...
Anyway nearly £700 later I'm up and running again with a new little weapon and am looking to make another attack on this project.

Moral of this story NEVER EVER BUY A DELL
And back up your work every time you work on it...

To be continued...


  1. hey james - just noticed you're making new work (and experiencing new disasters!). Don't know why I wasn't following this blog when I was following it before, but hey, I'm here now :)

  2. Hey Phil,
    Yup you got that right My PC blew up and I lost all my work due to only saving it locally to my machine :(
    Then adding more insult to injury after forking out for a new PC, my monitor blew up to!
    So Got 2 nice beasty 23"ers and a nice little office set up in my room now :)
    So far though it's back to square 1, I'm going to salvage all I can that I uploaded on here and try get cracking with it again!